Newsletter of the North American Chinese Sociologists' Association

Spring 1996


Officers of NACSA


President: Dudley Poston

Past President: Elena Yu

Secretary-Treasurer: Alvin Y. So


Board of Directors

Lucie Cheng

Deborah Davis

Chefu Lee

Nan Lin

William Liu

Yungmei Tsai


From the President

I am happy to re-welcome all of you to the North American Chinese Sociologists' Association. In October of last year our Board of Directors was activated for another year (or two) of services. The Board elected me to serve as President of NACSA through 1997, and I appointed Alvin So to serve as our Secretary-Treasurer through 1997. We are now in the process of transferring the NACSA offices from California to Hawaii. I hope you'll bear with us during this time of change. I am hopeful that we can continue the magnificant progress made on behalf of NACSA by our esteemed Past President, Elena Yu, and make important advances in the visibility and contributions of NACSA. If any of you have ideas on enhancing the work and goals of NACSA, please communite them to me or to Alvin, or to any of the Board members.



Addresses/Phones Update

We are planning to compile a new NACSA directory and send it to members in early 1997. Please provide us with your latest information regarding your affiliations, addresses, phones, FAX, and e-mail numbers. Please complete the attached slip and return it right away to Alvin So.


Recruiting New Members

If you know colleagues or graduate students interested in joining our organization, please forward a copy of this letter to them and ask them to complete the attached slip. We need your strong support in recruiting new members!




Notes on Folks

One of the key functions of this newsletter is networking. Please share with us your latest professional activities regarding research and related projects; presentations and publications; grants, scholarships, and awards; community services; tenure/promotion, and relocation. Your contributions of items are vital in order to make this newsletter interesting. Please complete the attached form.


Forthcoming Events

(1) We look forward to seeing you at our Annual Meeting of NACSA on the evening of August 17 (Saturday) during the ASA meetings meeting at New York. We will provide you with more information with regard to the timing and location of the meeting in our next newsletter.

(2) Nan Lin suggested that NACSA may hold a mini one-day conference just before the ASA meeting in Toronto in 1997. Please give this idea some thought so we can discuss the topic, funding, and timing for the conference in the next newsletter and, of course, during our Annual Meeting.


E-Mail or Snail Mail?

If you have an e-mail number, we can send the next newsletter to you through e-mail. Obviously, e-mail is much faster and cheaper than airmail, and you can also help us to forward this newsletter to your friends, colleagues, and students more easily. So do give us your e-mail number.



 Update for NACSA Directory


Please send your update to: Alvin Y. So, Department of Sociology, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI 96822; Phones: 808-956-7950 (voice mail), 808-956-3707 (FAX); e-mail:

Name: _______________ (last), ________________ (first and middle) _________ (in Chinese)



Phones: (voice mail):


Title: _____________________________________________________




Notes on Folks


Please send any recent information which may be of interest to fellow NACSA members to:

Alvin Y. So, Department of Sociology, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI 96822; Phones: 808-956-7950 (voice mail), 808-956-3707 (FAX); e-mail:

Feel free to use additional sheet if necessary.


Name: _______________ (last), ________________ (first and middle) __________ (in Chinese)










Grants, Scholarships, Awards:



Other Professional Activities

(tenure/promotion, relocation, administrative)


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